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Want to DUNK? 
Use this just 15 min every 2 days...
We've tested and trained over 100,000 athletes to jump higher with this #1 Training
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  • Setup with no equipment and just a cell phone camera.
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  • No extra charges ever.
  • Start increasing your vertical jump in just 15 min, every 2 days.
  • It's Guaranteed: If you're not 100% satisfied simply let us know and we'll even refund your  shipping cost & you can keep the book.
Proven & tested on over 100,000 athletes/Coaches in 65 different countries!
"Without even seeing results yet, I would recommend this because I'm sure it will work..." - Coach Bialek
"After about a month of just adding that exercise I am throwing down 2 handed, which I've never been able to do..." 
"...I increased my vertical by 7 in in two weeks..."
"...before I couldn't touch backboard and now it's not much of a challenge..." -Eric F.P.
Just got the workbook in the mail...Thanks for the help.  Exercise looks awesome, I'll stay in touch about the results!
- Gunner V.
It's my 3rd week tracking on the workbook and I've add 4 inches to my running jump.  This stuff is the truth.
- Alistair S.
From the recent exercises I went from 23 to 26 inches on a 2 week span!
- John G.
I've gained about 4 inches I'd say. It's working great!
- Landon L.
What's the catch?!  I know once you try our free training exercise and see the results it gives you, you'll want to try our other training.

How does this training work?  We'll show you how to target the muscles and angles you use to jump.  Then, our exercise (15 minutes every 2 days) will train your strength, quickness, and jumping technique specifically tailored to your body.

How is this different?  This isn't like squats or ankle weights or strength shoes.  This is training tested by research to target muscles involved when you jump higher. Your body reacts to a specific stimulus and we give it the most specific stimulus possible.

Will it work for me?  At any age, if you are playing sport this will help you jump higher. Trained or untrained. Young or old. Male or female. This training works for active healthy humans!

How much will I gain?  Of course results will vary for each person.  The training will feel different and you will feel slower the next day because your muscles are fatigued.  Follow the protocol and you'll see your performance improve the next days.

Is my child too young for this? If your child is old enough to play their sport competitively, they are already putting training level stress on their body in "uncontrolled environments". Proper training (controlled environment) will not only increase performance but their body will be strengthened and less prone to injury in those "uncontrolled environments".

Am I too old for this? Being too old is much less relevant than how active you have been and how healthy your joints and supporting structures are. If they are in good shape, then you are fit to start increasing your muscular performance. If not, then you need to focus on rehabilitation before you start increasing your strength and explosive ability. I have trained 45+ year olds who go from touching the rim, to dunking a basketball. .
About Coach Jacob Hiller
Coach Jacob Hiller
Vertical Jump Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Best Selling Author
Jacob Hiller is considered the most sought after vertical jump trainer in the world. He has trained athletes in over 65 different countries around the world at Amateur, Collegiate, Professional, NBA and Olympic levels. 

He has been sought out by organizations such as ESPN, Men's Health, Fadeaway Magazine and others to learn his methods. 

Most importantly Coach Hiller practices what he preaches and still jumps over 40 inches even over age 30.
"I've done the research. I've done the trial and error. Once you see the results you get from just this one exercise, I know you'll be back for more of our training."

- Jacob Hiller

  • This has performed better than any other single exercise we've tested in 10+ years of research.
  • We created this exercise in our lab after analyzing hundreds of exercises and how they impact vertical leap (you won't find this anywhere else).
  • Develop both strength and explosiveness in one exercise.
  • Only takes a few minutes a week to start getting results from it.
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*Testimonial & Results Disclaimer:
Individual results will vary based on a variety of factors.
Always consult a physician before starting any new training.
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