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Master Scoring and Shooting by using Secrets of the Best Shooting Coaches in the World.
These Techniques I learned From Trainers who Taught Kobe Bryant, Ray Allan and others, Develop You Into a Consistent Scoring Machine...
First Master Your Shot, Then Master Scoring

Before you can score consistently in a game, you must first master the physical and mental techniques of pro shooting.

We’ve sought out the best shooting & mental game coaches in the world to discover how to shoot consistently and how to transfer that shot to score in a game.

Guys like Dave Hopla who regularly shoots over 98%

That's not a typo. He holds several shooting accuracy world records... but not just that, he's also been a shooting coach to the pro's... including Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, NBA teams like the Knicks, the Wizards, and on and on.

Guys like Timothy Gallwey who is considered the Grandfather of Sports Psychology. His books are required reading at Universities studying the subject. 

And many others like them who are experts in every field that affects shooting & scoring. 

We learned that there are 4 steps to becoming a dominant scorer...
Step I: Master your technique. 
Poor technique puts a glass ceiling on how accurate of a shooter and scorer you can become. In order to be a professional shooter, you must train the muscle memory and mechanics of professional shooting techniques and unlearn poor muscle memory and shooting technique that is making your shot unreliable. 
  • How to master your body, arm, and finger mechanics to ensure a consistent shot
  • How to use your legs and arms to get perfect arch
  • Where your eyes need to be looking during every shot
  • How to develop automatic shooting rhythm
  • What you should be thinking in your mind during a shot
Mastering the mechanics now is the first step to becoming a consistent scorer in a real game situation.
Step II: Master the mental game of shooting and scoring.
Shooting consistently in the relaxed atmosphere of your own driveway is completely different than the high pressure, loud, and chaotic atmosphere of a real basketball game.

If you fail to practice with the goal of improving your in-game scoring you’ll only be another great practice shooter.

We’ve consulted closely with the likes of Timothy Gallway, Dr. Patrick Cohn, Todd Herman and others to show you how to master the inner game of scoring even in the competitive and chaotic environment of a live basketball game environment.

We show you how to practice with a game speed and game intensity mindset, so that you feel just as comfortable when you transfer your skills to a live competitive basketball game.
Step III: Guarantee your progress
The next most important step is to track your progress. We learned techniques like this from NBA Shooting Coach and Guiness Book record holder Dave Hopla. We’ve developed a tracking and shooting app you can use on your phone to make it easy to do. With our app you can easily see your progress as you go through the modules week after week after week.
You can even choose or add your own specific scoring moves to track your progress.

When you know how to shoot and you know how to master the mental game of shooting, the only variable is if you will put in the work and be consistent in improving your game.

If you're not tracking your shots every practice, how do you know if you're improving? 

Our app makes it easy to do this and see your progress over time. 
Step IV: Master in-game scoring moves
It doesn't matter if you can shoot 100% if you can't ever get a shot off. Scoring in a game usually comes after performing a move or after catching the ball coming off a screen. The types of shots you must master also varies greatly depending on your position, whether you’re a point guard, a forward, or a center.

Each scoring move you master is its own specific skill built upon the mechanics and mental game mastery you’ve already accomplished. The scoring library is your key to transferring your mechanical and mental skills into real game situations. Each scoring move you master (with an 80% or higher score) you will be able to rely on to score consistently in a real game.

We’ve worked with world famous trainer Dre Baldwin to bring you a massive library of scoring moves & combo's to master so you become a scoring machine on your team.
Bonus: Personalized video shooting assessment
Guarantee your progress and success by having your technique verified by one of our certified coaches. Simply send in a video of your shooting technique and it will be sent back to you telling you where you need to improve to become a more consistent shooter.

After practicing the suggestions given to you by the coach, repeat this process. Two weeks later make a new video, and we’ll verify you’ve made the proper corrections.
The sooner you kill bad habits and create new, successful habits, the faster you will become a reliable scorer on your team.
Invest the time and effort necessary to perfect your shot, to master your mental game, and to transfer those skills into becoming a dominant player on the basketball court.

Put the program to the test. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your progress after 60 days of using our program, we will work with you until you get the results you want or offer you a full refund. I hope to hear about your success and your story as you become the best basketball player and the best scorer that you can be.

Coach Jacob Hiller
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  •  Dave Hopla is one of the most highly sought after shooting coaches in the world that has worked with athletes such as Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Gilbert Arenas, and many others.
  •  Dave is considered by many to be the top shooter in the world.
  •  Coach Hopla personally shoots regularly over 99%! During a lecture series Coach Hopla shot 35,332 out of 35,979! He also made 1,234 free throws in a row, and he earned the Guinness World Record for most NBA range 3 pointers in one minute. 
  •  In this interview Dave goes over the same techniques he uses to coach NBA players.
  •  Tim Gallwey is considered by many to be the Godfather of Sports Performance Psychology.
  •  Mr. Gallwey's books are often required reading many top level university courses.
  •  In this interview Tim reveals the secrets he's taught to professional athletes all over the world about how to get into “zone” and stay there
($129 Value)
  •  We worked with world renowned scoring instructor Dre Baldwin to bring you an enormous library of deadly scoring moves. 
  • The scoring library is your key to transferring your mechanical and mental skills into real game situations.
  •  Mastering these moves (at 80% or higher) will unlock your ability to score at will on the court. 
  •  Video Library of Over 40+ Deadly Moves/Combos!
Interviews With Renowned Performance Psychology Experts ($79 Value)
  •  Free Throw Domination (Interview with Todd Herman).
  •  Todd has worked with Professional, Olympic and amateur athletes on every continent except Antarctica
  •  His unique relationships with psychologists, neuro-scientists, athletic trainers and human biology experts – have allowed him to develop a proven system for creating peak performance results over and over again. 
  • How To Play Out Of Your Mind (Interview w/ Dr. Patrick Cohn)
  •  Many consider Dr. Cohn to be the leading authority on pre-performance routines and mental skills for entering the zone. 
  • PRO SCORING 4-STEP SYSTEM ($129 Value)
  •  40+ PRO SCORING MOVES LIBRARY ($129 Value)
  •  INTERVIEWS With Renowned Performance Psychology Experts Dr. Patrick Cohn and Todd Herman ($79 Value)
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