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The #1 Vertical Jump Exercise (Video Series)
Our single most effective exercise for increasing your vertical leap.Created from 10+ years of research, testing hundreds of athletes using advanced athletic research equipment. 

This has proven to increase the vertical leap of our athletes faster than any other single exercise. Period. 
Training Programs
The #1 Vertical Jump Exercise Workbook
This has performed better than any other single exercise we've tested in 10+ years of researchWe created this exercise in our lab after analyzing hundreds of exercises and how they impact vertical leap (you won't find this anywhere else).
Instant Inches
9+ simple techniques you can use to increase your vertical leap up to 6 inches today. Because these are techniques and not exercises, they work immediately when implemented, within as little as 45 minutes...
The Jump Manual
Comprehensive 12-week program that targets EVERY facet of vertical explosion to add up to 10 inches or more to your vertical leap. Used by over 70,000 athletes all over the world from Amateur to Pro and Olympic levels. 
Master Class Series
Advanced, Elite-level vertical jump training strategies that go beyond the Jump Manual program. This is what Jacob Hiller has taught in person to professional athletes and teams who were already at elite levels of athleticism, to take them to the next level. 
Bullet Proof Your Game
An Injury Is The Only Sure Way To Stop Your Progress & End Your Career. Use Our Proven Program For Preventing & Overcoming The Most Threatening Injuries such as Jumpers Knee (Patellar Tendonitis), Shooters Elbow, Achilles, Groin, Ankle Sprains, etc...
Lean Power Protocol
The "Nutrient Timing" secret that naturally and safely increases your muscle growing hormones. Lean Power Protocol includes when to eat in comparison to your workouts that increases muscle growth by up to 20% and the step-by-step plan using normal foods which causes you to burn fat while also accelerating lean muscle growth.
Athlete Abs
Core strength is KEY to agility, speed, and stability. Using Athlete Abs you'll become a balanced and powerful athlete by training your core to be stable and explosive. These core exercises will not only get you a chiseled 6 pack, they will make you a better, faster, more balanced athlete.
Pro Shooting/Scoring
Learn from the Guinness Book of Records holder who shoots regularly over 99%, and trained players like Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen

You'll also learn the secrets to getting and staying "in the zone" from the man considered to be the Godfather of Sports Psychology. Plus, you'll access a library of over 40 deadly scoring moves with step-by-step guidance on how to add them to your game... and more.
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